Tweets of 12th August


The one who has all the best is happy not, and the one who takes all the best from this that has.
08-12 10:11

High #Systolic #Blood #Pressure And An Increased Risk For Heart Disease
08-12 10:10

RT @callmecoco1: Im finally at peace.
08-12 10:05

Regarding better #health and #fitness. drugstore
08-12 10:04

RT @TheLancetNeuro: Online today, our Sept issue featuring research on diaphragm pacing in ALS, cryptogenic stroke, and post-stroke CIMT ht…
08-12 10:03

RT @R_Wright42: Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes...admit them quickly, and get on with improving ...~Steve Jobs
08-12 10:02

Fans of #'Pretty #Little #Liars' are being rewarded for their insane social media presence! Ahead of the Season 6
08-12 10:01

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