How to carry luggage safely

How to carry luggage safely.

Carrying and lifting blunt baggage during the holidays can lead to neck, wrist, back and shoulder pain and injuries unless you take specific safety precautions, an orthopedic surgeon says. In 2012, nearly 54000 luggage-related injuries occurred in the United States, according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Dec 2013 "Holiday traverse can be uniquely stressful and physically taxing, especially when transporting podgy and cumbersome luggage," said Dr Warner Pinchback, a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

And "To guard that you prosper at your holiday destination free from pain, it's important to know how to optimally choose, pack, carry o a continue and lift your luggage," he added in an academy news release. The academy offers the following things safety tips. When buying new luggage, privileged a sturdy, lightweight piece with wheels and a handle Don't overpack.

Try to carry items in a few smaller bags as an alternative of one large suitcase. Keep in mind that many airlines restrict the size and albatross of carry-on luggage. Bend your knees when lifting. The safe way to hoist a dull item such as luggage is to stand alongside of it, bend at the knees - not the waist - and use your column muscles as you grab the handle and straighten up. Be sure to hold the bag close-knit to your body when lifting.

Take care when storing luggage in overhead compartments. The first step is to inspiration the piece to the top of the seat. Then, with one hand on each side of the piece, lift the suitcase up. Place the wheel-side in the locker first, then push the bag to the back of the compartment. Keep your back straight. When lifting and carrying luggage, level your toes in the direction you are headed, and then turn your entire body in that direction.

Don't mistranslate your back. Take it slow. Don't try to rush when lifting or carrying a suitcase. It's a fresh idea to ask for help if you are having trouble with a bag that is too heavy or an dangerous shape. Check your bags. Don't attempt to carry heavy luggage for long periods of period or for long distances, such as through a large airport terminal.

Carry your luggage when climbing stairs, don't coax it behind you. Even backpacks can be too heavy. Make sure if you wear a backpack that both hustle straps are padded and adjusted properly. Use all the compartments to help distribute the weight of your items evenly check out your url. Don't pitch the bag over one shoulder because this can cause muscle strain.

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