Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer

Scientists Have Discovered A New Method Of Detecting Cancer.

A unique evaluate marketed as an alternative to a mammogram for breast cancer detection is not an capable screening TOOL, US health officials say. With the nipple aspirate test, a core pump collects fluid from a woman's nipple. The fluid is then examined for eccentric and potentially cancerous cells capture rokne ke tips. The test is advertised as easier, more comfortable and less painful than mammograms.

However, there is no touchstone to support claims that the test can detect breast cancer, said Dr David Lerner, a medical director at the US Food and Drug Administration and a breast imaging specialist "FDA's responsibility is that the nipple aspirate test is being touted as a standalone tool to screen for and identify breast cancer as an alternative to mammography," Lerner said in an agency news release.

So "Our timidity is that women will forgo a mammogram and have this test instead". Skipping a mammogram could put a woman's vigorousness and life at risk if breast cancer goes undetected, Lerner warned. He said there is no organized evidence that the nipple aspirate test, when used on its own, is an effective screening tool for mamma cancer or any other medical condition.

The test is still being studied to determine if it might be useful in combination with other methods to wall off for disease. "The bottom line is that women should not rely solely on these nipple aspirate tests for the screening or diagnosis of tit cancer. Mammography is still the gold standard".

In October, 2013, Atossa Genetics pulled its nipple aspirate evaluation - called the ForeCYTE Breast Health Test - off the buy and sell after being warned by the FDA that its claims about the test were unsubstantiated. The company claimed the study was "literally a Pap smear for breast cancer". Pap smears are a standard prove for cervical cancer.

And Women who have had a nipple aspirate test as a form of breast cancer screening should also have a mammogram, according to screening guidelines or as recommended by their doctor. Also, they should bat the breeze to their doctor about whether additional tests are needed, the FDA said. One in eight US women will come to light breast cancer in her lifetime xxx chota chut ka photos. The ailment is the second leading cancer killer of women in the country.

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