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RT @WamGangBigDawg: #PoppingOutThePan
05-23 14:47

The whole day went a rain.
05-23 14:46

RT @taygogo: How many traumatized kids are in state cages right now because our system is so violent to poor children that it would rather…
05-23 14:46

For #greater #health. #natural girls galleru
05-23 14:45

Perhaps not surprisingly, #Abrams trails in general election polling against the Republican…
05-23 14:43

The #Incidence Of ADHD Is Growing In The United #States
05-23 14:42

#Simple info permanently #health and #fitness. pregnancy
05-23 14:39

For better #condition caliplus smart tv
05-23 14:38

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05-23 14:38

RT @dataqoye: Basic data forever well being.
05-23 14:37

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